TravelOBug About Us TravelObug is online Hotels, Guest Houses & Tourism Activities booking platform & marketplace for everyone to offer and sell their tourism services online. TravelOBug offers freedom of choosing the right place for stay within budget while Touring. We are building a business model to lift up the Hospitality Industry of Pakistan. Our end goal is to provide quality tourism to everyone through digitalization of the tourism industry across Pakistan.   Founder Message: Ahmed Sohail Ozan, Founder & CEO of I’m happy to announce that I have successfully established the first ever Marketplace for the Tourism Industry in Pakistan. I believe that digitalization of every running business is the most important task in 2022. Whoever will adopt digital tools will have successful businesses in upcoming years. We are with you in your journey to digitize your hospitality business through TravelOBug Platform and will educate, help our Hosts to improve their businesses overall. I personally know what kind of difficulties every traveler faces in Pakistan So our marketplace gives leverage to travelers more. As a traveler you can choose the best deal for yourself. We review all the properties, whether it is worth or not in the mentioned price and travelers have a wide range of selection. We are working everyday to facilitate our users even more.